3. Our 1956 Airstream


Aside from the kids, this little greying hunk of bliss is my pride & joy.

(Follow me on Instagram via  @davros  for more pics – #airstream)

In late 2009, after an 18 month ponder, I finally sourced an all original twin axle 27′ Airstream from somewhere near Michigan (original owner lived here) via a helpful chap called Sam (the Glam). A year or so later, we were stripping her down and putting her back together again over the course of about 10 months. I kept a blog of the refurb here. No I wouldn’t do it again, it cost too much. But the finished van is our idea of holiday heaven and just a beautiful thing – even in its grey, original exterior state. In fact if we ever polish it up properly, I’d never be able to take my eyes of her.


We’re planning to park up for the summer season at our good friends’ amazing place in Cornwall – check out Halzephron HouseGoogle mapstreet view (more or less where she’ll be sitting in the old herb garden). The location and view from there is tremendous.

Last weekend in chilly Kernow, we met a local chap (Ed the Shed) armed with larch aplenty, to do us a deck and shed.Below is my SketchUp plan for the site. If we can get it all set up by the end of April, we’ll be letting it this summer.

and click here for: Gorgeous images of other people’s airstreams.


2 thoughts on “3. Our 1956 Airstream

  1. Hi! Could it fit two adults and three kids under 7? How much for a week? Being a top kids/lifestyle photographer, perhaps an arrangement could be struck with giving you some great lifestyle shots of our week in caravan….mrs is an ex-model and kids know how to work it, could get some great shots for your website/future promotion. Thanks Sam

    • Nice one Sam, cheeky offer is much appreciated.

      It’s not clear just yet what the set up will be in Gunwalloe but I’ll keep you posted if you’re still keen. The thing we’re trying to figure out is loo arrangements – she’s a proper touring trailer but chemical loo perhaps not good for punters…?

      We have 4 kids so yes she’s ideal for youngsters – cunning bunks in the back weren’t intending to leave in for rental but could do of there’s demand. I’ll post up more pics soon.


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