Aga? Aaaagha more like. Fuel costs way too high.


Keep your wallet tightly closed

Quick check on the oil tank this afternoon. Helpfully it doesn’t even have a reliable level indicator. This means going back to basics and dipping a stick then crudely gauging against the side of the tank.

We completely ran out of oil two weeks ago so its really easy to work out that one third of the last delivery has already gone. And an 800 litre delivery, so that means about 260 litres. Even at 63p a litre, I reckon we’re polishing off £12 a day just on oil, with another £70 a month on electricity. This has got to change.

So the beloved old Aga is definitely for the chop which is gutting.

Better news is that we quickly bought a bargain Falcon range cooker on Ebay rather spontaneously and – get this – it will pay for itself easily next winter by saving us at least £200 a month. Hardly thrifty but OOSH all the same.

Oh you (not so little) little beauty


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