1. about Dave

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An independent designer… an ideas chap with a hint of salesman but the heart of a farmer. Conceiving strategies, mechanics and complete activations for pretty much anything visual or experiential. Brand, packaging, point of sale, promotion, literature, web, illustration, owt like that. Even TV maybe.

Big ideas first, media later.

I’m especially motivated by notions of sustainability – environmental, social, business – and keen to engage with anyone grappling with these issues and facing up to challenging responsibilities and opportunities.

I love to work with specialists: enterprising people – with ideas, events, products – something useful to say but perhaps less marketing clout than some.

I relish engagement at an early, strategic stage: interrogating an opportunity and developing the brief before getting busy with executional details. But I will happily just listen and get on with concepts when time or budget is tight.

Much of my commercial experience is made up of familiar FMCG brands, intrinsically involved in unfettered consumerism. Many of there are now finally tuning into sustainability as the key to longer term strategies. I believe the clash between consumerism + sustainability is upon us and many designers need to darn well look out.

I’ve worked my ass off, playing my part building a pretty damn fine design agency. So I know a thing or two about team building and pitch winning.

I’m a regular chap, I do other stuff:

  • Brave & Poor Ltd – co-owning the quietly historic Guild Heritage building in Old Market, Bristol. Might make a nice agency HQ one day.
  • Happy City Bristol – Trustee, comms advisor and I help out with freebie design when I can. (New website c/o lovely chaps at Yoke).
  • Golf – Bit of a nomad, I’ll play anywhere. Bogies mainly dammit. And I’m kack-handed.
  • Fly fishing – Locally we’re lucky to have Blagdon lake – arguably one of the finest still water venues for trout in Europe. I also fly fish almost from my doorstep, on the Yeo.
  • Football – Once or twice a week with a bunch of dads. Increasingly badly.
  • Glamping – Beige caravans meh! …but when they’re old and shiney YEH!
  • Fencing, mucking out and mowing grass – on our modest small-holding…micro-holding.
  • Pigs – still intending to get me some weaners.
  • Chickens too.
  • Aber Teifi, 2012

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