London Eye Shop

What goes around comes around.

After looking around for a meaty refurb to get my 3D mitts into, we stumbled upon Merlin Entertainment’s empire with, at its centre ‘The EDF Energy London Eye’. A major international attraction since opening way back in 2000; by 2011 the Eye Shop beneath the wheel needed some serious TLC. With my pals at Triangle, we were happy to oblige. As Creative Director, and a genuine SketchUp zealot, I leapt at the chance of taking on design and layout so I could flex my 3d guns at least a little.

We focussed on a clear requirement to improve customer flow and general functionality of this incredibly hard-working environment. Specifically the space needed to better cope with peak footfall (truly staggering numbers) while increasing merchandising sales. With no data to go on and a client unwilling to pay for a more thorough investigation, it was all down to experience, rule of thumb and some deft planning by Big Jim at Triangle HQ.

In the twinkling of an eye (10 months of design & planning and a week’s lock-in on-site), our fresh face of the store opened for business – January 2012 – just in time for the Olympics an even busier year.


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