Renew Legal

Boom! Kerpow! (but no kerching)

Sea. Sky. Storm.

There’s renewable energy in them there hills, seas and umm sky… and these guys know how help you to get at it. A noble duo, my clients exude a genuine sense of adventure and I was keen to evoke this within an identity – offering a pleasing departure from the run-of-the-mill legal firm ident perforce.

All in a day’s work …or two.

sealogo skylogo stormlogo

There is a time and place for such frivolity I’m told, so I also offered  ‘safe’ through to ‘yaaaaawn am I dead?’ options for more mundane in-house dept deployment when necessary. They’re still bloody lawyers after all. So here’s the dull-bastard version… (sorry guys) …hey no, you’re the client I’m just the hairy-faced designer, what do I know. Its just embarrassing that’s all.

rl-logo_basicOr more positively speaking, a tee..




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