Winning pitch: Bristol European Green Capitol 2015

A really enjoyable project to help build our team’s final presentation in Brussels, June 2013.

Bristol’s 4th consecutive bid for this award and, I’m happy to report, the successful one. Not that I believe for one minute my humble efforts clinched it. But we added some communication flair to an already solid proposal which hopefully underpinned everything and perhaps made the pitch more presentable, accessible and maybe even memorable.

My creative input centred around a good old ‘leave behind’. Something to summarise and sell the best of the pitch without too much tiresome repetition – something that is easily overlooked with a technical bid.

The more obvious issues were inevitably an impending deadline and a modest budget, so more fanciful ideas of crowd-sourced assets or online petitions were perhaps thankfully swept aside. We quickly settled on the idea of a simple ‘Green Passport’ – something that immediately conjures emotive ideas of a journey – something which the proposal could centre upon. This ultimately developed into a small travel pack with a few faux travel documents and other snippets for the judging board to explore & dissect following the presentation.

A confident statement of ‘Join us on our Journey’ plainly stated Bristol’s intent to become a capitol of the green scene almost regardless of the outcome. This helped to position the proposal as a starting point and not having ‘all the answers’. Other layers to the creative included key concepts of Bristol as the ‘Laboratory for Change’ which neatly slid into the passport creative as a key destination along with other snappy soundbites.

Anyway, I really enjoyed adding my own take on the subject – some nice little ideas could even resurface as public-facing activations nearer the time.

And we won! Ha!


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