Copenhagen: city-cycling haven.



The touristy bit in the middle. Best way to get a quick overview of the waterways with an hour’s tour.

Impressed with the easy connectivity of Copenhagen’s public transport. Travelling from airport to city then a couple of days later, out again to Bornholm was stress-free. Train, metro, bus and ferry all cooperating with each other. Fabulous.



Too many lovely things to say about Bornholm, The Sunny Island. A curiously unexpected combo of cycle paths, small beaches, granite geology, tide-free Baltic swimming (in surprisingly warm waters), HUGE ice creams, quiet villages and friendly people. Quite a hike to get there but thoroughly enjoyed it.



To profoundly go, out of the frying pan…

…and into the metaphorical fire.
Well I have to say, I really enjoy a bit of fried breakfast. I know its not the healthiest thing in the world but I’ve come to terms with this.
And I love a real fire. Anywhere. Inside or out. No man should be without several ways to make a fire.
So, why not ‘boldly go’ from one familiar, heated place into another stimulating, if tricky, environment and positively relish the immersion. Not all the time, I’m no masochist. But fraught occasions are where some of us seem to properly get off our arses and move ahead.

stu and fire

stu and fire

New Elver ladder on River Yeo


New design for helping elvers move upstream to our stretch of the River Yeo. Installation is first of its kind – there are a number of different designs currently being tested across Somerset. Hopefully will encourage baby eels to move upstream onto our slightly isolated little stretch of the River Yea between Iwood Manor weir and this Environment Agency run measuring station. A trout race also being installed this week – watch this space.

Aga? Aaaagha more like. Fuel costs way too high.


Keep your wallet tightly closed

Quick check on the oil tank this afternoon. Helpfully it doesn’t even have a reliable level indicator. This means going back to basics and dipping a stick then crudely gauging against the side of the tank.

We completely ran out of oil two weeks ago so its really easy to work out that one third of the last delivery has already gone. And an 800 litre delivery, so that means about 260 litres. Even at 63p a litre, I reckon we’re polishing off £12 a day just on oil, with another £70 a month on electricity. This has got to change.

So the beloved old Aga is definitely for the chop which is gutting.

Better news is that we quickly bought a bargain Falcon range cooker on Ebay rather spontaneously and – get this – it will pay for itself easily next winter by saving us at least £200 a month. Hardly thrifty but OOSH all the same.

Oh you (not so little) little beauty

Shock! ‘Carmakers manipulate emissions tests’

Shock! 'Carmakers manipulate emissions tests'

No sh*t.
It turns out that car performance tests are heavily manipulated to show a false trend of dramatic improvements over the last few years. This is the thing with asking turkeys to plan for Christmas: they’ll fib about the date if you put them in charge of the calendar.

c/o Jorn Madslien, BBC News