Roof with a view

Roof with a view

Time to be checking them gutters, broken tiles and insulation.
Definite Auntumnal chill in the air this morning and as we’ve been meaning to get around to this all year, now seems like a really good time to fix a leaky chimney stack.

Hacked off the shoddy render. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a shittier example of the art of cement rendering as this home of ours. I swear I could do a better job myself. Yes it would take me MONTHS but it would at least be smooth and stay on there.
Mind you I didn’t fancy the chimney… too high. I’d never survive the project.
But that didn’t stop me leaping up the scaff and having a proper look round up there. The roof is basically sound but needs a couple of tiles replacing and the gutters looked like they had never been cleaned out ever ever ever.
Never mind, all done now and the chimney is today being expertly re-rendered by the excellent Juan ‘Pato’ Cid. So our bedroom will be much less soggy this winter.


Blog. I can’t put it off any longer.

Working from home today in front of the Aga. Sounds and looks kinda dreamy but the truth is, I’m quite cold.


I really like old stuff. And this Aga is undoubtedly a fab, crusty, 60+ year old hunk of iron so we inevitably love parking our butts on it. But it costs nigh on £100 a week to keep one room barely above freezing and the ‘hot’ water tepid. Hardly a device to warm the cockles of the thrifty-at-heart.

So with some regret, this old gal is high on our list of priorities for tidying up our new home. Mind you, we’ll decommish water-heating first (notoriously inefficient even by Aga standards) and see how much oil she burns just for cooking and heating.


Nel has other ideas. Her basket is comfortably within the warm zone.