New Elver ladder on River Yeo


New design for helping elvers move upstream to our stretch of the River Yeo. Installation is first of its kind – there are a number of different designs currently being tested across Somerset. Hopefully will encourage baby eels to move upstream onto our slightly isolated little stretch of the River Yea between Iwood Manor weir and this Environment Agency run measuring station. A trout race also being installed this week – watch this space.


Blog. I can’t put it off any longer.

Working from home today in front of the Aga. Sounds and looks kinda dreamy but the truth is, I’m quite cold.


I really like old stuff. And this Aga is undoubtedly a fab, crusty, 60+ year old hunk of iron so we inevitably love parking our butts on it. But it costs nigh on £100 a week to keep one room barely above freezing and the ‘hot’ water tepid. Hardly a device to warm the cockles of the thrifty-at-heart.

So with some regret, this old gal is high on our list of priorities for tidying up our new home. Mind you, we’ll decommish water-heating first (notoriously inefficient even by Aga standards) and see how much oil she burns just for cooking and heating.


Nel has other ideas. Her basket is comfortably within the warm zone.